Sardinia holiday, a lodge with stunning sea view enjoying nature.

And now……..RELAX! A Sardinia holiday in one of our three lodges is very relaxing. They are at a beautiful location in pure nature we you can see the sunset in the sea.

Location Sant’Antioco

The lodges are on the beautiful island of Sardinia. This is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the islands belonging to Italy, just below Corsica and above Sicily. The exact location is Sant Antioco, in the Southwest of Sardinia. The lodges are nearby the bay of Cala Sapone, about 1000 m. They are also on a hill. So that’s why you will have this great and wide view over the Mediterrenean sea. You wil find our lodges at the westcoast of Sant Antioco. Sant Antioco is sometimes called Sardinia in miniature. And it is the fifth largest island of Italy.  It shows many similarities to the mother island, like the four different coastlines.

holiday sardiniaLodges

Our sunny seaview ecolodges are entirely made of natural materials. And each has it’s own expression. There are only three lodges, the Beach lodge, the Desert lodge and the Safari lodge.  They all have the comfort of a cosy home.  There are good ortopedic beds, a kitchen with everything you need to make a meal yourself.  And each lodge has a private bathroom. But the most unique thing is the terrace with seaview. Here you can watch the sunset every evening at sea.

Sardinia holiday, lodges and rentals with seaview!Sunny mind up

Our lodges offer you complete rest and tranquility. While you stay with us you can profit from different packages. We welcome everyone from 12 years and older.

When you stay in the Beach lodge the Safari lodge  or the Desert lodge you can also book some extras with us. What makes your stay unique is that you can order dinner on your private terrace. We will serve everything you order at your lodge. Or you can do a Bodymind lesson or yoga lesson. 

 Now you can enjoy your holiday even more!


I booked a Bodymind package and stayed in the Desert lodge. This is really a very beautiful place and I felt so relaxed here. The yogahut is also great to do the Bodymind lessons, which I liked very much. They were fun to do and I had so much energy afterwards “

– Eline B.