About us

About us. family Cammilleri at Sant Antioco, Sardinia About us.

My husband, Toni, is born in Sant’Antioco. His mother comes from the island San Pietro and his father from Sicily. He first went to the North of Sardinia and later Tuscany to work in different restaurants. After a few years he went to Germany and worked in Munich and Berlin. Back in Sardinia he now combines the influences of the North African kitchen of San Pietro with Sicilian influences,  mixes this with the traditional Sardinian kitchen. The Sardinian kitchen is not very complicated but very pure.

Emigration Sardinia

In 2007 before our Daughter Desert was born we emigrated to Sardinia. Here we bought a nice house nearby the sea with the most beautiful view you can immagine!

First we started Sardinietrips, an agency  for tourism. We organized holidays. We had holiday rentals, trips and all kinds of special holiday requests. Than we built our two lodges. A wooden house and a big tent on our land and started Ecolounge Sardinia.

Our family

Nowadays we are still living with our kids Desert and Jim. And we have two great dogs and 3 lovely cats who are best friends. They just love it when animal lovers come and visit us.

Sant’Antioco, a” miniature Sardinia”

The beautiful Island Sant’Antioco here we live is in the southwest of Sardinia. It can be reached by bridge so it’s more a peninsula. Sant’Antioco has 11.000 habitants. At the arrival just before the bridge you see this beautiful lagoon and in the bay lies Sant’Antioco. It is colorized pink in the sunrise because of the flamingo’s in front. When you drive into the mountains you see a typical Mediterranean landscape like palm trees, cactus , grapes and rosemary . The climate is subtropical. The winters are nice and soft , summers hot and dry.

On almost every top of the mountain you see the remains of the so-called nuraghi, ancient constructions typical for Sardinia .The coast  is not yet discovered by tourism so you find beaches or bays deserted by man but beautiful clear and blue.

Yoga, Mindfulness and great meals

The great thing is, that my husband and I combine our forces now. He cooks on demand for our guests in the lodges. Also he prepares all the meals during our Mindfulness & yoga trips.

And me? I can help you feel more relaxed. I also can learn you how to breathe more effective. And you can find your inner peace with my method Sunny mind Up!