yoga at the beach Sardinia

Yoga on Sardinia is a great way to relax and recharge your battery. If you stay in one of our lodges the nice and relaxed environment will contribute to a more relaxing state of being. And give you life energy which is good for your health.

You can take a yogamat and do your own yoga on the terrace of your lodge.

Respira! coaching model

Monique has invented the coaching model Respira! It combines body awareness with respiration. This will lead to more self- insight and intuition. This model has 7 steps to follow. first to slow down, than breathing out deeply and let go of all the tension. Than become aware of the body and begin to feel again all the sensations and emotions in the body. Than comes to most important step, to forgive. Forgiving is namely for yourself so you can let go of hope that the past will change. Next is to identify yourself with everything that is felt. Than you can finally breath completely and profound, nurishing the whole body and final step is acceptation of everything that makes you the beautiful person you are.

Summeryoga & Bodymind

In summer you can come to us for a Bodymindlesson. Every wednesday and friday from 9.00- 10.15 I will give a Bodymind class. It’s open for everybody also when you are not staying with us. I will use different techniques from yoga, Qigong, breath exercizes, music, rhythm and other methods. If you are interested please let me know in advance. I am looking forward to meeting you here, Namaste!

Time: 9.00- 10.15

Cost: 10,00 euros per lesson.

International Ferragosto Bodymind dayretreat at Ecolounge Sardinia

Sunday 15 August we have organized a day retreat with an extra long Bodymind session in the morning and a yin yoga session. A great and healthy lunch will be prepared by our cook Toni. The accent will be on the breath in all exercizes and sessions.


9.30 – arrival

10.00- 12.00 Bodymind and breathing session

12,00- 13.00 Yin Yoga session

13.00- 15.00 lunch

This dayretreat is 50,00 euros p.p. including the lunch

The dayretreat is in english, but I also speak Italian, german and dutch.

Yoga and mindfulness

During your stay you can book a coaching session and decide if you like to do the session on your private terrace for the lodge or in our yogahut

Also we can go to the beach or another great location in the neighbourhood where you can also meditate perfectly.

What is Sunny mind up?

I invented a method called Sunny mind up and in this method I will use also yoga, mindfulness and meditation to help you relax better and create more self awareness.

yoga at sea SardiniaEnergy treatment

What about a long weekend Yoga Sardinia? 

When you arrive you will immediately enjoy your stay with a great meal at sunset in one of our lodges at sea. Next day after a breakfast you will follow a Sunny mind up session at sea.

After that you will have an energy treatment. After a nice lunch and some free time to relax you will make a nice walk along the beautiful coastline of Sant Antioco and smell all the aromatic herbs.

Our chef Toni will prepare a delicious dinner, prepared with local products and inspired with the traditional Sardinian recipies. Your dinner is being served on beautiful location with the sunset as background.

If you like to have more info about prices, please contact us !