5 benefits of booking with us

5 benefits of booking with us. Ecolounge Sardinia

There are several advantages. I will list 5 benefits below.

The 5 benefits

5 benefits of booking with us. Ecolounge Sardinia

1- We are here for you

This is one of the most important benefits. In Sardinia people speak Italian and it is not always the case that you can speak English. Fortunately, the younger generation does learn the importance of speaking English and it will increasingly occur in the future that at least English will be spoken. In any case, it is a safe feeling to know that you can always come to us, if you need help. This applies to small things like tips on where to do the shopping or what are nice sights. But it also applies to urgent matters. Something can always happen and then it is nice if there is someone you can turn to and who speaks your language.

2- We live on the island of Sardinia

This is also an advantage. My husband is Sardinian and we have been living here for a number of years. That means we know the island well. And certainly our region, southwestern Sardinia. We are also always aware of the correct information. If there is talk of a locust plague in the Netherlands that ravages the whole of Sardinia, then we can tell you that it only concerns 2000 hectares near Nuoro. And also indicate the correct situation in our region.

3- Unique formula

Our 2 lodges are in a very beautiful place that we would like to share with you. Our formula can certainly be called unique. There are only 2 lodges and you have enough privacy around you. You can also use the meal service that we offer. Toni prepares a meal especially for you, using only fresh and local products. Would you also like some relaxation? Then you can also book a yoga or Sunny mind up training.

4- Personal attention

What makes our formula unique is that we ensure that you receive personal attention from us. This means that you can always rely on us during your stay. But certainly this also means that everything we offer is offered with care and is aimed at you.

5- Quality

We strive to offer as much quality as possible and are open to your opinion. We do think it is important that both expectations are well matched. And ask you first to read carefully what our philosophy is and whether the lodge and our service is the place to be for you. This way, if you choose for our lodge, we can be sure that you have a wonderful holiday with us!

Check out our Wellness proposals

Sardinia is a very pure island and most of the island is still nature, which gives you immediately a relaxing feeling. A hike in the mountains or along the desolated coasts, will help you relativate again. 

What about a long weekend Sardinia?

When you arrive you will immediately enjoy your stay with a great meal at sunset in one of our lodges at sea. Next day after a breakfast you will follow a Pilates session at sea.

After that you will have a Ayurvedic massage from Marcella, followede by a great skin treatment by one of our beauticians experts. After a nice lunch and some free time to relax you will make a nice walk along the beautiful coastline of Sant Antioco and smell all the aromatic herbs.

Our chef Toni will prepare a delicious dinner, prepared with local products and inspired with the traditional Sardinian recipies. Your dinner is being served on beautiful location with the sunset as background.

This wellness package includes all treatments mentioned, alle meals mentioned, tranfer from and at the airport of Cagliari and all overnights in one of our lodges.

The flight is exclusive and if you need help booking your flight don’t hesitate and ask us.