Kids club so your kids can play while you relax.

Kids club is an activity club for your children. At Ecolounge Sardinia you can relax and do activities like yoga and meditations. But what about your kids? Or if you really want to read your book and lay in the sun but your kids would like to play. If you like they can go with Desert, an experienced babysitter who […]

5 benefits of booking with us

There are several advantages. I will list 5 benefits below. The 5 benefits 1- We are here for you This is one of the most important benefits. In Sardinia people speak Italian and it is not always the case that you can speak English. Fortunately, the younger generation does learn the importance of speaking English and it will increasingly occur […]

Check out our Wellness proposals

Sardinia is a very pure island and most of the island is still nature, which gives you immediately a relaxing feeling. A hike in the mountains or along the desolated coasts, will help you relativate again.  What about a long weekend Sardinia? When you arrive you will immediately enjoy your stay with a great meal at sunset in one of […]