Sant Antioco

sant antioco sardinie vakantie: de basiliek van Sant'Antioco, de enige kerk met catacomben op sardinie.Sant Antioco

Sant Antioco is like Sardinia in miniature.

Sardinia is a very large island and its nature is very diverse. The jagged coast with many waves, the blue southern coast, the red cliffs of the east and the mountains. These various landscapes are mirrored here on Sant’Antioco. The ranging coastlines are particularly a sight to see.

Nature Sant Antioco

Every day is different, with a bright blue sky the island seems  tropical, on a rainy day as the Scottish high plains. The weather changes and with it the ever changing sunsets are spectacular  and in particular at Cala Sapone you have a great view at the sunset.

On  Sant’Antioco are 40 remains of these buildings, called Nuraghi,  to find and visit. They are hardly cultivated and most of them are very hard to find, but for those who like a little adventure it is an great experience  to find these nuraghi and  to go more than 3500 years back in time . Because most nuraghi are built like towers on the top of the mountains it gives a strange form of the landscape, particularly in silhouette.

Sant’Antioco is one of the oldest places in Europe and has a lot of interesting archaeological sites to see.  Under the Basilica of Sant’Antioco are the catacombs with the remains of the Saint Antioco. Also a roman bridge and a village underground are great to visit.

A very interesting site is il museo del Bisso and here they show you how sea silk is processed  from a shell, the Pinna Nobilis. These shells you will find mostly nearby Cussorgia, where the water is not very deep.

Our Ecolounge Sardinia lodges are also on Sant Antioco. You can combine a holiday at sant Antioco and stay in one of ore lodges at sea.

Like many places in Italy, Sant’Antioco is a kind of museum with a huge range of sight seeing!