Sardinia, blue zone

 Sardinia blue zoneSardinia blue zone.

Sardinia blue zone, what does that mean?

Sardinia has traditionally been home to shepherds, who pasture their sheep across the rugged, sun-beaten terrain. In a cluster of 17 white washed villages in island’s highland Nuoro, Province, you find nearly10 times the number of centenarians per 1000 people than you do in America.


This Sardinia Blue Zone is rich in male centenarians, who primarily work as farmers or shepherds. Historically, Sardinia was repeatedly invaded, conquered and exploited by outsiders discovered the area’s riches and charms. As a result, the native people developed an intense dedication to their families and communities, a language that still has Latin remnants and perhaps, the key to longevity.

 Sardinia blue zoneLongevity Highlights

Sardinians maintain a positive attitude towards their elders and take time out of their days to stop and enjoy the simple beauty of their surroundings. They foster a sarcastic sense of humor, and a unique outlook and perspective on life. This attitude helps them shed stress and diffuse arguments before they start.

Drink Goat’s Milk and Eat Sardinian Longevity Foods
Sardinians consume milk and cheese, not from dairy cows but from goats. The goats in this region have a unique quality. They eat dwarf curry, a plant currently used in the U.S. to make anti-inflammatory drugs. Sardinians also consume large quantities of dark red wine, fava beans, and barley.

Just Walk
You don’t need to run marathons to stay healthy! Sardinian centenarians walked long distances their entire lives and suffer from half as many fractures as the Italians. Men here work as shepherds, walking miles a day over the rough terrain with their flocks.

Lessons from Sardinia blue zone

  1. Eat a plant-based, bean rich diet with pecorino (sheep cheese) and goat’s milk, using meat as an accent, rather than the main dish.
  2. Put family first. People who have strong family ties have lower rates of depression and stress.
  3. Respect and celebrate older people. Grandparents can help raise healthier, better adjusted children by providing love, wisdom and motivation.
  4. Take a walk. Sardinian shepherd walk 5 miles a day. Regular exercise can boost mood and benefits muscle and bone metabolism.
  5. Drink a glass of red wine. Cannanau, a Sardinian red wine, has three times the level of antioxidants and flavonoids compared to other wines.
  6. Laugh with friends. Gathering daily to laugh with friends is key to shedding daily stresses.