Safari lodge

safarilodge sardinia
UItzicht vanuit de lodge op zee

Inside the lodge

The Safari lodge is a big tent 5x 5 m. with a wooden frame, made completely from natural materials. This tent is fully equipped with good, ortopedic beds, a kitchen and a dinner seat. You will also have your own private terrace with a great view over the Mediterrenean Sea. It is great waking up in the morning and see the blue sea from your bed.

Outside the lodge

Also you have private parking behind the Safari lodge and there are trees which provide shadow in the morning. The lodges are nearby the sea and have also in summer that lovely seabreeze and therefore it’s great staying in the Safari lodge.

The Safari lodge gives you that nature feeling, that you can also have if you go camping. But it has more privacy arround the tent because there are only 3 lodges. The tent is really spacious and high. It has the comfort of a house but it’s feels like you are more part of nature. And it’s really back to basic, living in the tent.

Trips Sardinia

You can also book a hiking trip, hiking is really great here in the neighbourhood with those lovely coastlines and romantic bay.

Or what to think about a mindfulness session at sea or in our specially made yoga hut? You can take yoga lessons twice a week.

Please let us know if you would like to do one of these trips and we will arrange it for you . You can also decide during your stay in the lodge to do one of our trips.

Safari tent 4 persons

 Living space: 35 m2


  • a double bed
  • a bunk
  • a kitchen with cooking stove and fridge
  • cupboard
  • 4 lamps


safari lodge–         Private terrace with seating for four and 2 sunbeds .

–         kitchen sink

–         Own entrance with private parking.

–         Outdoor shower.

–         Private bathroom, w.c., spacious shower and sink at 20 metres only for the guests of this Safari lodge.

An impression of the Safaritent and it’surroundings


Safari lodge
      rent only package package    
      Safari lodge Bodymind Coaching  
1 -25 April      € 546,00 € 696,00€ 846,00     
25 april- 31 May      € 696,00€ 846,00 € 996,00    
1 June- 11 July      € 746,00€ 896,00 € 1046,00    
11 July- 31 August      € 1096,00€ 1196,00 € 1346,00    
1- 30 September     € 746,00 € 896,00 € 1046,00   
1 -31 October     € 646,00 € 796,00 € 946,00   
1- 30 November     € 546,00 € 696,00


Package Bodymind :

  • stay in the Safari lodge a week
  • breakfast and dinner
  • 2 Bodymind/ yoga lessons
  • 2 Bodyfit/ Calisthenics lessons
  • a mindfulness walk

Package Coaching:

  • stay in the Safari lodge a week
  • breakfast and dinner
  • 3 coaching sessions
  • a mindfulness walk
  • a relax session at sea

Package prices are based on one person. If you would like to book a package with 2 or more persons, we offer discount.