Mindfulness and yoga at Ecolounge Sardinia

Mindfulness and yoga SardiniaMindfulness is a word that covers also the island. Sardinia, an island where people live close to nature. Where you can still walk entire sections by pristine and untouched area. Where everything still smells delicious with aromatic herbs everywhere, and animals stilllive the life they deserve. Upon arrival, you immediately feel all the warmth of the tropical climate and the tranquility of the island it will bring you straight away in the right mood. Ideal for a yoga holiday or so.

The meals, the trips are always included, they are prepared with care by our chef Toni. He uses local products,  and often the meals will be completely vegetarian. He  also uses ​​only  seasonal vegetables, so a trip in the spring has other meals than a trip in the fall, each season has its own products and the body also ask for this , it’s good to listen to the needs of your body.

You are staying and have the sessions in the beautiful nature as much as possible, surrounded by sea and every night as a gift you will see a beautiful sunset every night different and a different color palette.

So you want to really enjoy yourself, go on one of our yoga or  mindfulness travels and come back fully charged again! for more information Sunny Mind Travel