holiday in sardinia, lodges and rentals with seaview in sardiniaWhat is a holiday like in Ecolounge?

Our lodges are located  in pure nature with seasview. For us holiday at Ecolounge  means simply enjoy life, with a good book in the sun or just enjoying the magnificent view over the Mediterranean sea and the sunset.

Two Lodges

You can choose to stay in a basic wooden tiny house or in a big tent. Both have a fabulous seaview. You will stay at a beautiful location where nature is still pure.  The accommodations have all the comfort you need. Being outside and enjoying nature is the main important thing.  Here you can still hear the silence and it will regenerate your energy. You will come home with a fully charged battery again. Here you have all the benefits of camping but without the disadvantages. We have two lovely dogs and cats who just love it when animal lovers come here. But they also know their place and have their own space.

 holiday in sardinia, lodges and rentals with seaview in sardiniaIs Ecolounge Sardinia the right choice for your holiday?

Please answer the following questions with Yes or No

  • Do you like nature as it’s supposed to be, in every season?
  • Are you interested in the environment?
  • Do you like good food?
  • Is it important for you not to waste water?
  • Do you use energy only when necessary?
  • Are you looking for silence?
  • Do you like simply living, back to basic?
  • Do you like animals?

Did you answer one or more questions with No, than we will ask you to think it over again. Because maybe our lodges aren’t suitable for you. For us it’s important that your aspectations are the same as we offer. So that we can ensure you to have a great holiday with us. Our place is very special for us and we like to share it with you!