Terms Ecolounge Sardinia

  1. 1.    Payment

The reservation will be confirmed when a deposit of 30% of the total payment. The reservation is not final if the deposit is not paid within the prescribed period on the invoice. With the deposit the Tenant agrees to these terms. The remaining amount has to be paid at the latest eight weeks before the rental date to  Sardinietrips. If the amount on the invoice within the period mentioned is not on  the account , will be canceled all rights to the leased premises, unless previously agreed otherwise in writing.




The deposit amount is set to be 200 euros and has to be paid together with the second payment eught weeks before arrival.

Damage and defects.

If damage or defects in the rented property occurs, the tenant must immediately contact  us.

Latter will take action to remedy this defect properly. The landlord or Ecolounge Sardinia  is not liable for damage to persons or property of the tenant or third parties. All the damage caused by the tenant to the accommodation must be paid by the tenant. The amount of damages will be deducted from the deposit. Should the damage exceed the deposit paid, then the extra amount will be paid by the tenant.

Deposit refund

The tenant receives the deposit returned upon departure after a final control of the rented property. Whether or not defects are found is only the judgment of Ecolounge Sardinia. The tenant has to treat the rented property as if it were its own. The accommodation is not transferable.

4. Arrival and Departure

Arrival days are tuesday, wednesday, thursday or saturday. The rental period is always at least 7 days. With a shorter rental period will therefore always be charged an amount equal to 7 days rental. Arrival from 16.00 hours and departure before 10.00 hours.

5. Pets

In the accommodations Pets are not allowed.

6. Disputes

The tenant is aware of these terms and hereby agrees to these terms. In all cases where a dispute arises, the parties are committed to solve the dispute within reasonableness together.

7.  Final Determination

in the General Terms and Conditions where”writing”is to be understood to correspondence also by e-mail.





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